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Hello beach lovers! Do you love the sights and sounds of crashing waves, seagulls calling out and soaring overhead, sunshine warming you from your head to your sandy toes, swimming in the ocean or surfing the perfect wave? Great! Then this is the shop for you!

At Beachy Keen Vibes you'll find beautiful clothing and accessories for a day at the beach, an afternoon at the pool, or a sunset barbeque.

Does our tagline, sun-kissed nose, sandy toes, sea spray, my kind of day! resonate with you? We hope so and we welcome all to explore what Beachy Keen Vibes has to offer!

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Beautiful swimming sea turtle almost reaching the surface of the blue ocean water

Sea life

Our playground is their home

While we all love the ocean and the fun that we have when we are there, many sea creatures as well as the waters that they live in are endangered or environmentally threatened.

Many groups and non profit organizations are making great efforts to change this reality.

Learn what they are doing to make a difference as well as what beach lovers like us can do to help our beautiful sea life friends and the waters we all cherish!

Making a difference