I Love The Beach

I Love The Beach

I love the beach. From my earliest memory to my most recent, I love the beach. From the constant to the constantly changing, I love the beach.

toddler at sea shore

As a young child, probably around the age of two or three, I had an experience at the beach that has stayed with me to this day. It’s nothing that many of you haven't also experienced, but it remains one of the few memories from that early stage in my life.

It was a beach day with my parents and sisters. We didn’t go very often so potentially it could have been my first visit to the shore. I was standing on the sand where the cold ocean waves would touch my toes and legs, and those little toddler legs were splashing and kicking at those approaching foamy waves. 

Always having been a curious person, I can imagine that I followed the water a little further as it receded to head back from where it came.

The next thing I knew I had become one with the sea, like some article of clothing in a salt water washing machine! As I tumbled around I was encircled by bubbles, sand, seaweed, and had no idea how I had gotten into this predicament.

After the wash and spin cycle, the ocean rolled me out onto the sand and retreated again from where it came.

That's it. that's what I remember. My love of the beach had begun. To be a fish or mermaid Oh and also, some waves are bigger than others.

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